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Money Back Guarantee100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
Money Back Guarantee100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

How VigRX Plus® Works

VigRX Plus® has the power to make your wildest dreams and fantasies come true. Clinically formulated to include 10 natural ingredients known to act as potent aphrodisiacs, once you take the VigRX Plus®, your sexual libido will shoot through the roof. As soon as the opportunity arises, your erection will surface, and you can expect it to stay with you all the way to orgasm.

The supplement contains a combination of testosterone-boosting and libido-enhancing aphrodisiacs that facilitate the feelings of arousal so often missing in prescription medication designed for sexual enhancement.

The natural ingredients increase blood flow to the penis by affecting nitric oxide levels, which aid in the relaxation of the corpus cavernosa (tubes inside the penis responsible for erections). Your manhood will be primed for sexual performance, and your package will be bigger, harder, and stronger than ever before.

You need only to take 1-2 tablets twice a day. This facilitates the proper absorption of the plant extracts into your bloodstream, whilst simultaneously ensuring consistency of dosage.

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VigRX Plus® is endorsed by Dr. Steven Lamm (Director of the NYU Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health)

VigRX Plus® has been scientifically proven to enhance male sexual performance

VigRx Plus® has been clinically tested and proven to be effective by the Vedic Lifesciences Pvt LTD using the Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT) method.

In the test, 75 voluntary participants between the ages of 25 and 50 were evaluated on sexual performance for a period of 84 days. The study was done using the triple-blind method, meaning that neither the participants nor the evaluators and administrators of the supplement were aware whether the dosage was a placebo or the VigRx Plus®.

Results were determined from evaluation of performance, as well as through an internationally acclaimed questionnaire. The result was a 56-page report that scientifically verifies the effectiveness of our product in cold hard facts.

The study was initially published in BioMed Central and then due to further success, republished by the United States National Library of Medicine under the endorsement of the National Institute of Health.

71 % INCREASE in Sexual Satisfaction
47% Improvement in Sexual Drive & Desire

This is only a small sample of all the positive results that came from the clinical study. The list goes on…

The Top Four Advantages Of VigRX Plus®

VigRX Plus Tablets
These four proven advantages to VigRX Plus® have given sexual prowess to millions of men worldwide
Natural Supplementation Formulated by Scientists

The clinically tested VigRX Plus® formula is the result of more than ten years of research and experimentation. Due to our commitment and relentless passion in the arena of men’s sexual health, we were able to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the medical world and combine them with the ancient powers of plant extracts.

The result is a patented formula that provides not only a powerful erection but enhanced sexual desire as well. This puts our product into a league above prescription medication.

Efficient Dosage

VigRX Plus® is designed to give you sexual satisfaction without having to scramble for a pill. 

Our dosage plan ensures that you get the perfect amount of each ingredient for consistently successful results. By taking 1 – 2 pills twice daily, your body will be primed for action anytime, any place. So when the opportunity arises, so do you.

High Quality Ingredients

VigRX Plus® is made with only fresh, high-quality ingredients, to ensure the effectiveness of our natural product and satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to providing an effective and life-changing product, so we take every measure necessary to ensure that our ingredients are above industry standards.

VigRX Plus® is only as successful as our client’s success stories, so we endeavor to spread the love (so to speak) in every way we can – including with the stringent requirements for our world-class ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers, and raw products are screened before we include them in a new batch of VigRX Plus®.

BioPerine enhances absorption of the ingredients

VigRX Plus® now includes BioPerine, which has been found by numerous clinical studies in the United States to enhance the absorption of any ingredient it is combined with.

This means that all of our natural aphrodisiacs and stimulants will be effectively and rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream, making the product even more powerful.

Potent Natural Ingredients of VigRX Plus®

Damiana – This incredible aphrodisiacs can be traced back to the ancient Mayan civilization, and has been used for thousands of years to increase libido whilst simultaneously stimulating blood flow in the pelvic region. This causes the penis to swell to it’s fullest, firmest size. The plant medicine literally enhances the nerve impulses of the penis, making for heightened pleasure and Also known as Turneradiffusa Damiana, this little plant is indigenous to South America where it grows best in subtropical conditions. It is no wonder that the herb thrives in the heat, as it sure knows how to up the heat factor in the bedroom.

Horny Goat Weed – Okay, so you are probably already convinced by the common name of this powerful plant that it will do your sex life wanders. Scientifically known as Epimedium this plant belongs to the botanical ‘Berberidaceae’ species and is known to increase testosterone levels. Due to its many health benefits, you may have heard of this amazing plant before. Horny Goat Weed is used for its antioxidant properties as an immune booster promoting overall health and wellbeing. The addition of this ingredient will keep you at the top of your game, both in your bed and out of it.

Asian Red Ginseng
Asian Red Ginseng – Another name you may have heard before is Ginseng, which is used by millions of people worldwide for its ability to increase energy levels and stamina. The plant was first used as an aphrodisiac thousands of years ago in 3500 BC. This connection can be traced back to the emperor of China, Sheng-Nung, who was recorded to have commented that the plant gave him a “warm and sexually pleasurable feeling.” In combination with our other ingredients, Asian Red Ginseng increases sexual satisfaction in a natural way.

Erection Root
Erection Root – As you can tell from the name of this fine plant, we have taken care to find the most ancient and powerful ingredients known to mankind. Also known as Muira Pauma Bark, the root has been used as an aphrodisiac and libido enhancer for thousands of years by tribesmen in Brazil. The plant made it’s debut in the world of men’s sexual health in 1994 when Dr. Jacques Waynberg tested its effects on a group of 263 men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The results showed that within 2 weeks of use, 62% of the men reported experiencing what was termed as “dynamic effect,” with 51% disclosing that the extract enhanced sexual desire.

Hawthorn Berry
Hawthorn Berry – A popular supplement for male enhancement, Hawthorn berries are nature’s gift to your sex life. The berries are known to improve sexual health and performance, as well as to strengthen blood vessels, to improve heart health, and to lower cholesterol levels. The small fruits are chockablock full of bioflavonoids that stimulate blood flow to the penis for prolonged amounts of time, acting as a powerful aid as you head for the big O.

Catuaba Bark
Catuaba Bark – The Catuaba Bark extract is native to South America and has been used by men in Brazil and Peru to increase the libido as well as the appetite. The herb also aids relaxation, which promotes better sleep and reduces nervousness – two essential components known to enhance sexual function. The bark works within the nervous system as a natural aphrodisiac and promotes male virility.

Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is indigenous to North America and enhances testosterone (the ultimate male sex hormone) levels by impacting the hormonal pathways in the body. It has been used for thousands of years to enhance sexual performance. The plant also enhances your overall emotional well-being, priming not only your body but your mind and heart as well. Saw Palmetto is proven to be beneficial for prostate health, which earned the top-quality ingredient status as part of our decision to include it.

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba – Ginkgo Biloba is a Chinese herb known for the ability to increase blood flow throughout the nervous system and improve the function of nerve cells. This has the effect of enhancing an erection, by making your penis swell and harden as you experience arousal. The plant also contains an array of antioxidants known to support general health and well-being, as well as increasing stamina in the sexual arena.

Bioperine – Bioperine, or black pepper as it is more commonly known, has been referred to as the king of spices for a good reason. For thousands of years, this powerful compound has been used in traditional healing medicines for its ability to enhance the effect of each individual plant medicine added to the mix. For this reason, we included Bioperine in our combination of potent ingredients to aid your body in the absorption of the properties essential for optimum sexual performance.

When Will I See The Results

The effects of VigRX Plus® are fully noticeable after 30 – 60 days. Our carefully constructed dosage plan works by changing the chemical and hormonal makeup of your body, which takes a little bit of time to adjust.

Once you have experienced the benefits, and with continued dosage, you will be able to have spontaneous and satisfying sex, whenever you desire.
Your sexual health is worth the wait, and far preferable to popping a pill 60 minutes before you intend to have sex – as you need to with prescription medication. Our product can give you your life back, whereas with other chemical medications you will always need to plan ahead.
VigRX Plus® is specifically designed for spontaneity, and works by improving the quality and control of your erection – so you are free to keep your personal life on the down-low.

While prescription pills will do the trick for a one time encounter (even if you wait the full hour for it to kick in) they do nothing for the libido, resulting in a pretty one-sided sexual experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VigRX® Plus really work?
Absolutely! We have gone to great lengths to present you with a scientifically proven clinical trial that will put your mind at ease. You can see the entire 56-page document here. Additionally, you are covered by our 67-day money-back warranty in the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied by our product
Where can I purchase authentic VigRX® Plus?
Here is a link to our order page which will direct you to the first-time-purchase offer of the money-back guarantee. There are unfortunately many counterfeit products available online, so to prevent this, it is best to buy straight from our official website, right here. If you are considering purchasing from outside of our website, check out our product verification system which protects the health and safety of our customers.
Are there side effects?
VigRX Plus is made entirely of natural ingredients and has no known side effects. The only thing you need to worry about is potential allergic reactions, so be sure to read the ingredients list to prevent that from happening. There is also a possibility that VigRX Plus could react with other medication, so it advisable to consult with a medical practitioner to check. Simply print out the ingredients and take them along with you.
When will I see results?
VigRX Plus® begins to take effect between 30 and 60 days. While this is a longer wait than the prescription medication window period of 1 hour, the benefit is that after your body has adjusted, you will be able to have spontaneous sex whenever you please.
Is the packaging discreet?
Packages shipped within the US have no indication of contents; however, with international orders, it is required by law in some countries that we label the contents correctly.
Is there a discount available for bulk purchases?
We are delighted that you love our product so much and will apply an automatic discount when you order a large quantity of product. The discount gets bigger the more you purchase in one go, so save yourself time and money by ordering a year’s supply now!
Is VigRX® Plus available over the counter at my local pharmacy?
There are a number of retailers stock our product. However, you will need to establish whether there is one near you. We offer worldwide shipping (discreetly packaged), and it is free for an order of 3 months supply or more. Check out our amazing offers and purchase VigRX® right here. It is much easier to ensure your anonymity by ordering online due to our packaging, which only reads Leading Edge Health.
Tell me about the dosage?
You need only to take one pill, twice a day for between 30 and 60 days to see effects. One package contains 60 capsules, which is enough for 30 days. To further enhance results, it is recommended to make use of our VigRX Oil additionally.
Where can I read about the success stories of VigRX Plus?
Here is a link to our user reviews page for the testimonials of our clientele.
Do you ship your products anywhere in the world?
Yes, we deliver globally, and you can order from this site. Express shipping within the US can take up to 72 hours, while non-express shipment will take approximately 2 weeks. International deliveries can take as long as a month to arrive, but after that, your planning sessions are over. Bulk purchases are valid for the 67-day money-back guarantee, so take advantage of the free shipping that applies to a purchase of over 3 months supply.
Is there a way to get a refund if I am unhappy with the product?
Yes, of course. Just click on the 67-day money-back guarantee here for further information.
Can I call or contact your company?
Feel free to send us a private message on Facebook or find further details on our contact page here. We also have a team of trained agents available for phone calls, and you can reach out to them here: International: 1-604-677-5365 North America (Toll-Free): 1-866-621-6886

Try VigRX Plus® Risk-Free With Our 67-day Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back GuaranteeThe only condition is that you will need to return the two empty boxes within 67 days of the date it was delivered to you. The refund does not include shipping charges. The returns must be received at our warehouse within the 67 days and are only valid for your first purchase.

Multiple purchases within your first order are covered by the money-back guarantee, as long as you return the unopened containers alongside the two empty open containers within the specified time frame.

You qualify for a free delivery when you make a purchase for 3 months worth of great sex or more. You are also covered by the 67-day money-back guarantee.